Web Masters

The webmasters controls and puts our stuff on the web. As a volunteer organization we need several people to control our pages. The list will vary over time, but today it consists of: Ron Cooper.

A pagemaster may be a future webmaster, but their role is to produce tested HTML code with graphics that we can use immediately when complete.

Researchers and artists provide the material to pagemasters and webmasters that needs to be coded. They save them a lot of time and make it possible to accomplish more in their limited time.

ARKY was chosen as a name to appeal to children. But we also want to appeal to the entire family! ARKY hopefully will become an animal character that can be the guide throughout the museum. It is planned to involve the Bible history we know and get them interested in the Bible. We will also let the family know why science is not God and should not be the highest worldview for them. Our job as webmasters is to give them interesting information that answers their questions and points them in the right directions.

We want to make this site fun and interesting for the entire family. Schools will hopefully find this site on that they will want to come back to. Home schoolers will know this is a site they can trust. This will only happen if we do our best.

None of us have infinite time, so this webmaster page is setup to give guidance that we can all get to and review and be updated on. Over time additional info will be posted here, but you may want to download this file occasionally. If the info gets too large, it will be deleted to save space, since only a few people need this access.

Please visit the links at the top of this page if you haven't already. They contain much free information from WEB providers, etc. You will learn from them. If you need additional information, many HTML books, etc. are available. Contact us for suggestions.

It is a goal to establish a common method of presenting material so that multiple sites can participate in our Virtual Museum by using a user transparent presentation that would actually be at multiple locations. Contact us if you are interested. The methods used here would be the basic starting point. More details will be made available as interest is shown.